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2016 Maxima SR Midnight

2016 Nissan Maxima Review: Refining the 4DSC

Is this latest iteration of the Maxima deserving of the 4DSC (four door sports car) branding etched into the sides of its front and rear light modules? Dave Muramoto puts it through its paces…

2015 NICOFest Carlisle 102

NICOFest Carlisle 2015 – The Tradition Continues!

Another great year, and another great event! 2015 marked our 9th year at Carlisle Performance & Style, as we once again hosted the NICOFest AutoX and Drift events. This year also marks the first year holding the event in July. For all the years we’ve been doing this event…

2018 GT-R

2018 GT-R: Godzilla retains FR layout, but gets 700hp

While the GT-R LM NISMO race car is looking to win races, its real purpose is to serve as a test bed for the technologies that will make their way into the 2018 GT-R (and eventually other cars in the Nissan lineup).


NICO Love Spreads Wild at ZdayZ!

Christal recently contacted us asking if NICO would be at ZdayZ 2015. We hadn’t planned to be there, but we knew we’d have lots of NICO members there. When she found this out, she wanted to know what she could do to help spread the NICO love around the event. So we shipped a box full of goodies to her to hand out.


Product Review: Powertrix Ultra-lite Coilovers on a Z32

Last year I attended Zdayz (2014) in my 1990 Nissan 300zx TT affectionately named Shibui and had some of the most memorable road driving times of my life! The ones I wish I could forget are those of a squirrely backend of the car, and the infamous rubbing sound when coming out of an upward […]


2015 Infiniti QX60: Winter Luxury

When Infiniti crafted this seven passenger luxury crossover, the aim was for a family-friendly, yet stylish vehicle. Performance to match those attributes was really a matter of balance.

NICOFest Wreck

NICOFest Carlisle 2015 – The Tradition Continues! – Part 2

As with every year at Carlisle, we saw our fair share of weather extremes. From monsoon-like rain Saturday evening to scorching temperatures and high humidity on Sunday, it wouldn’t be Carlisle with perfect weather. But nevertheless, we still had a blast. With the change in dates this year to put the event in July, we […]