NICOclub is the largest, most active Nissan / Infiniti website on the Internet (Source: Big-Boards), with over 40 different forums, and encompassing a network of over 30 different sites, including:

...and more on the way!

The NICOclub Network receives a confirmed average of over 161,000 pageviews per day, Over 29,670 unique visits per day, and approximately 360+ ACTIVE members at any given minute. We're adding an average of 90+ new members PER DAY to our current membership of over 115,000. In addition, 90% of visitors to our Nissan forums navigate 20 or more pages each session, and remain on the site for longer than 30 minutes per visit (Source: Google Analytics). This gives you ample time to make the impression YOU want on the demographic YOU need to reach!

"What makes NICOclub so special?"

NICOclub offers accurate Nissan technical information from a team of factory-trained Nissan and Infiniti technicians, a friendly, welcoming and supportive ‘family’ environment and a true sense of community. NICOclub is very active in promoting Nissan events on a national level, as well as supporting local grassroots Nissan races, meets and shows.

NICOclub is affiliated with such top-notch events as SEMA, GT Live, the NOPI Nationals, the NDRA, the Rolex Cup Series, The Koni Challenge Series,the Formula D Drift Series, the D1 Drift Series, and has been featured on SpeedVision and TunerVision. NICO members' cars are regularly featured in such publications as Sport Compact Car, Modified Magazine, Nissan Sport Magazine and Import Tuner. 75% of NICOclub's current vendors have been on board for three years or longer.

"There are lots of Nissan sites - Why NICOclub?"

While other enthusiast sites are cutting back on content, NICOclub is adding accurate and detailed technical information and relevant, fun content on a daily basis.

While other sites limit users to restrictive "members-only" sections, NICOclub is wide-open for members and non-members alike.

While other sites charge membership fees for "premium content", NICOclub offers all of this content (and more) for free. Always have, always will.

While other sites are handicapped by a lack of oversight and monitoring, our staff provides round-the-clock coverage to ensure a safe, accurate, educational and valuable experience for members and visitors alike.

While other sites *claim* to be active and well-trafficked, NICOclub utilizes Google Analytics and, the industry standards for accurate and valid website statistical reporting. If you're advertising elsewhere, ask for their traffic statistics via Google Analytics (the industry standard) and compare. Or, simply click on their "Active Threads" link - NICOclub is seeing 3200+ posts per day from its members, while others are seeing 200 or less.

As other sites experience lack of bandwidth, struggle with downtime and outages and unstable/ vulnerable forum software, NICOclub members enjoy 100% uptime due to redundant backup servers and the most stable and hack-proof forum software in the industry.

"What benefits can I expect from NICOclub?"

-A full-size, full-color rotating banner (468x60 pixels) which links directly to your website.

-Placement on the NICOclub Advertisers Page. This will include an article about your company, your banner and all relevant contact information for you to get the sale.

-Your OWN personalized account that allows constant monitoring of ad views and the number of times users click that ad to go to your website.

- Access to the Advertisers' Specials forum. In this forum, you can post parts specials, Nissan group buys, and custom deals, give price quotes, solicit ideas on product development and introduce new products into the marketplace. This reduces the time spent searching for members considering your product, increasing sales in direct proportion to your investment in interacting with members.

This package will benefit you in many ways. In September 2008, our Senior partners averaged more than 1.5 MILLION ad views and an average of 670 ad clicks.

Those numbers will continue to increase, especially since we’re adding members at an average rate of 90+ PER DAY! That's far more exposure than ANY printed publication can offer, for a mere fraction of the cost.

"How can NICOclub help increase my sales?"

We handle all of the details, including the uploading of your banner and the monitoring of traffic.

Our staff of 45 moderators actively encourages members to support the businesses that support NICOclub.

We are always available to answer any questions you have, and can even make changes to your banner within 24 hours.
On occasion, we will feature an advertiser or a product on our home page, with an installation "how-to". Our experience has shown that sales increase dramatically after such a feature.

Please feel free to contact us anytime via email ([email protected]) or on AIM (GregatNICO). We're looking forward to hearing from you, and we're excited about bringing your company on board as part of the NICOclub team.

Blessings and best of luck,
Greg Childs, CEO

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