Feint of Heart’s Tail Light Sealing Writeup

by Feint of Heart


Are you tired of your tail lights leaking on your S13 Hatchback (I don’t know about a coupe, but this should work.) ?Well, this is one way to fix that problem!

Difficulty: **

Time: 1-2 hours

Cost: less than $20

– MORETITE (you won’t need a lot, but I have a roll at my house)
– Stick, screw driver, dowel rod, something pointy that you are able to pack theMORTITE in with.


I did body work around the lights, made it all level and even (previous owner must’ve hit the rear on something, or someone hit it) and replaced the black seal around the tail lights.Next rain storm, what do you know, my spare tire well has water in it!

I then check the seals all along the hatch, and fix whatever I can see, and once again, water.At this point, my Dad and I were pretty frustrated.So we decide, “Hey, if MORETITE works on houses and other cars, it should work pretty well on the tail lights!”

What you want to do is get yourself some MORETITE (it’s sold at Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart) and take a strip and pack it into the inside side of the tail lights (the black around them in the hatch, not on the outside.You also do not take out the tail lights for this!)You basically take a strip of MORETITE, and pack it into the crack (I used a dowel rod, but you could use a screw driver or something like that).

Keep packing it in until you are satisfied.You really only need it around the bottoms of the lights, because that’s where the water usually comes in at, but I did it all the way around them.



More pics will be coming, when I have a chance to take them.(My Dad had to take my car today, his is getting worked on)

Until then, that’s all!Hopefully this helps some people.