Retiming procedure for an Infiniti G35 and G37 Window and Moonroof

This is a common problem when retained power is lost. You will need to perform the following procedure, it’s real simple and resolves this issue. That can occur if the battery is drained and is easily reset.

1. Push the ignition switch to the ON position.

2. Close the door.

3. Open the window completely by operating the power window switch.

4. Pull the power window switch and hold it to close the window, and then hold the switch more than 3 seconds after the window is closed completely.

5. Release the power window switch. Operate the window by the automatic function to confirm the initialization is complete.

6. Perform steps 2 through 5 above for other

You may also want to check the moonroof for automatic operation. Here is the procedure for resetting that.

1. If the moonroof is open, close it fully by repeatedly pushing the CLOSE side of the moonroof switch.

2. Push and hold the CLOSE side of the moonroof switch to tilt the moonroof up.

3. Release the moonroof switch after the moonroof moves slightly up and down.

4. Push and hold the OPEN side of the moonroof switch to fully tilt the moonroof down.

5. Check if the moonroof switch operates normally.