The Monster March

Every once in a while, you run across a car that makes you go, “What?  Wait…what?”

While it may not be the speed demon the nickname implies, it will get down the road quite quickly and will corner like it’s on rails.

Such is the case with this 2001 K11C Nissan March.
Now to give you a bit of background on the car and the owners.




When I first moved to Japan, the apartment I lived in was close to a local maintenance shop.  They usually speciallize in tires and oil changes, but they also do custom car audio/media installations, minor mechanical work and sales and service of selected aftermarket parts.  Think of it as a smaller and local Autobacs.

The owners have always been good to me.  They are friendly and outgoing and very hard working and are very comitted to making sure their customers are happy and satisfied.  Not only that, but they are also automotive enthusiasts as well as avid motorcyclists.



Anyway, they are good at their job and they enjoy the work that they do, so it’s a win/win situation.  I love being there and just hanging out, plus the soda machine has Mt. Dew!!!

And here’s the dirt on the car.


1300cc GC13DE twin cam inline 4 cylinder

NGK Iridium plugs

Nissan Cube Alpha intake cam

Nissan Cube Alpha exhaust manifold port matched to cylinder head

Standard throtle body bored 2mm over stock

Standard intake minifold with port matched plennum runners

Surge tank added to intake manifold

Air intake modified from single runner tube to twin runner tubes

Cat flange port matched to exhaust manifold flange

B-pipe modified to remove crimped section at stabilizer

Nissan Cube Fujitsubo cat back exhaust modified to fit K11C March

ECU re-flashed to remove speed cut.  Over 180km/h possible



Standard suspension and brakes

Hayashi Racing 14X6J wheels

Michelin 165/65/14 tires

Nismo front body brace





Nardi steering wheel

Modified WC34 Stagea wiper stalk with intermitent front/rear wipers

Pioneer head unit that is MP3 capable

Normal speakers with molding clay backing to increase sound performance

Custom sound deadening for floor/roof/door pannels

Recarro LX front seats with custom Snoopy seat covers



Nismo rear hatch spoiler

Nissan Y50 Fuga mirror signal lamps modified to fit standard K11C March mirrors

Custom “vortex generators” to help with aerodynamics

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